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Tuesday, 13 October 2009 16:07 Written by Ken From, All-Star Telescopes

We are absolutely thrilled with our new website. Our business depends on exposure to a national audience and having a professional, attractive and user-friendly website is critical to us. When James Friesen and Mango Tree Media were recommended to us I contacted James about an extreme makeover of our website. Rather than quickly jumping into website issues, James took the time to ask about the business along with its mission and goals. It was assuring to us that James wanted the website to reflect our values along with the mission and goals of the business.

As the website began to take shape there was a lot of "give and take" between us and James. We needed someone to offer some specific design and an understanding of how the public uses the internet. We also had some clear thoughts on how we wanted some things to appear on the website - even some fairly small things. James was great at "pushing back" when our suggestions weren't appropriate while also being flexible and accommodating when we wanted specific content.

All of this was done on a reasonable time frame that allowed us time to offer feedback while at the same time James clearly kept the project moving towards the finish line. The result has been a website in which we take a lot of pride and something that reflects our business and our values. The friendly and professional appearance of the website coincides with the way we want to do business. It offers confidence to customers that we will make an investment of time and resources to give them the service and product that they need.